Essay On Banning Phones In School

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Kids and parents say that phones should be allowed in school but have we looked at the school 's perspective why we shouldn 't? Most teenagers would think that it is okay to bring them to school so they can test and cheat but what about the kids who dont do that? They would probably think the reason to bring a phone is saftey or if thier family or appointment calls. Not only to point out but kids this generation grew up with phones so its only natural for them to be attached with them but what if schools start to baned them from school?
Toronto schools actually baned phones in school. The school wont evem let them on it durning lunch and some kids are also okay with it majority werent some kids paretns were interviewed at the school and this is what they had to say “I’d be nice to reach them durning lunch time” one parent said. A student said “ It’s kind of unfair that alot of people who dont abuse it but we’re all getting punished for it.” Why did the school ban Phones what did the pre teens do? Tornto school baned phones becuase it was a distraction isnt a really good reason to baned phones from school.
Some people can stare at a wall and be distracted from work or by how others dress anything can distract someone. They think they can stop cyber bullying while in school they can also do it outside of school and just bully its not just cyber bullying its bullying period. Antiono Vendramin went to a high school and was suprised when he visited a high school and impressed when the
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It might even make people grow a pair and ask thier crush out in person instaead over on social meida. Girls like it when they ask then in person. It might help people stop being used as toys. People would use books more. People would go to the libary. People who just stay inside aka me would go and get more vitaiam E and not only that but look healthier instead of a zombie. What if we got rid of social media I would wanna see peoples
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