Pros And Cons Of Mobile Technology

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1 – TITLE Children using mobile technologies, favorable or unfavorable for education? 2 – INTRODUCTION Mobile technologies are the collection of tools, arrangements, used by humans for mobile communication; this technology has developed with a great speed and exponentially over the last decade. Mobile technology has made a breakthrough in people everyday’s life. As of today; it has becoming more and more popular and very fundamental among the population. In mobile technology, some of the most recognize devices are: tablet, Smartphone, GPS, game console handheld, mobile phone and loaded with some useful applications like: Map, web browser, Androids, IOS and several more. This essay will describe that as everyone else, mobile technology is changing the way children are educated favorably. 3 – MAIN BODY Mobile technology is shifting the way children are educated, nowadays it is becoming very popular and fundamental among children to use mobile device in their everyday life, this is very useful and a great facilities for communication and learning. In the other hand it is argued that mobile technologies are life-changing in the way kids are educated: distraction. However due to the nature of mobile devices, qualities, functions and technologies, they are definitely a powerful and great tools for future on education. They are mobile, can be use on the go, network interconnectivity for communication, internet and World Wide Web connection. A recent study by Nielsen group a
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