Pros And Cons Of Modern Technology

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Technology serves as a form of entertainment, a means of communication, or a way to become more educated, but most of all, technology is a way of life. The use of technology globally has only increased in recent years, as scientists discover larger, more complex forms of it. As science continually moves forward without pause, society willingly moves with it. Unfortunately, there are cons to the never-ending use of technology. The extensive use of advanced technology diminishes the bonds between families, friends, and couples who utilize it. Admittedly, technology contributes tremendously when it comes to communication. Teens are able to use social media to keep in touch with friends or even meet new ones. Pew Research Center conducted a survey that stated, “57% of teens ages 13 to 17 have made a new friend online, with 29% of teens indicating that they have made more than five new friends in online venues.” Clearly a positive statistic, this proves that the ability to meet new people and create new friends has never been easier. Abundant resources exist within modern technology in order to connect people in new ways. Likewise, technology allows friends and family to keep in touch from anywhere on the planet. With cell phones, parents are able to contact their children in seconds, who are only a text away. Apps exist today that can track the location of anyone, using GPS signals and cellular devices. Despite these advantages, technology still has changed the interactions
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