Pros And Cons Of Modernism

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The English literature was moulded through the epochal seasonings of its tip to toe introspection and contemplation. Each era marks their signature before it leaving behind the cultural, scientific, political innovations and contributions to the sprouting generation. Modernism emerged as a timely necessity which eventually reflected the complexity of urban life superficially but as the rejection of history and substitution of a mythical past. It is also said to be as the product of intellectual crisis, occurring when structures of enquiry were overwhelmingly scientific, yet the limitations were palpably felt. I intend to elucidate here, Modernism in its totality represents an aura of unique expressional aesthetic varieties imparting time unbound…show more content…
In fact it was rather modernism, as its name implies ,that tried to awake from the nightmare of history, self-consciously setting itself against the past, and rejecting mundane forms of historical understanding. Modernism doesn’t wholely favoured the simply historic narratives rather find truth is not evolutionary and progressive but something requiring analysis. Tracing the works of the modernist poets, especially the works of early twentieth century it should be voluntarily marked as art after the first world war which in time recorded all the emotional aspects of this crisis of longing despair, hopelessness, angst, paralysis and moreover a sense
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