Pros And Cons Of Modernization Theory

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In our world today, we see progress everywhere we go. We see new innovations, we think of new ideas, and we hear all kinds of improvements in our current technology. Every day, people are coming up with ways on how to make life easier or how to communicate with each other faster. “Modernization theory emphasizes the process of increasing social integration and its economic, social, and cultural ramifications” (Linder and Strulik, 2011). But the question is, how do people come up with all these designs? Do they use the modern way wherein they learn from modern technology and concepts, or do they us the traditional way wherein they learn from the inventions and theories from the past? For me, there pros and cons to both sides. Not everyone is traditional but not everyone is modern. Some people base their ideas on what they believe in while some base it on scientific facts. This is where religion…show more content…
It is like saying you are learning from you mistakes or you are trying to find a better way. Using the traditional way is when you use your beliefs to prove something. The pros to this is that you can use a lot more references when you are trying to study something. You can get a lot from past studies of scientists and try to continue or improve what they have started. You can learn from the past mistakes and see what can be changed so that those mistakes would not be repeated. You cannot learn without knowing the past. But the cons of using the traditional way of learning is that the sources we use might not be as reliable. It might not be updated or it might be too old. It will take us longer to progress due to the fact that we are using the studies from before databases came about. It will also be hard to prove a belief. “What has been distilled from the experience of hundreds of generations should not be dismissed because it cannot be submitted to scientific test” (geosc,
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