Pros And Cons Of Monarchy

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Only forty three nations still use monarchy all over the world. But what is a monarchy ? Monarchy is a form of government where you have all the power concentrated in the hands of one single person- “The King”. Monarchy was the form of government most used until the 19th century. There are two types of monarchy... Absolute monarchy and Constitutional monarchy. In the absolute monarchy ,all the power is given to one person alone- the executive power, legislative power and legal power. On the other hand,constitutional monarchy is completely different... Here the King or Queen don´t have absolute power because the country also has an elected government,with a prime minister. It is like a mixture between monarchy and democracy,and a lot of countrys…show more content…
I believe everyone wants to know where they came from, to better learn who they are. We in the western civilized world would never accept going back an absolut monarchy, which is a form of dictatorship , still in use in many countries in the middle east and afrika.But a modern constitutional monarchy could be a qualitative evolution for our present liberal , 100% quantitative, only political democracies. Having the king for president,although with less executive power , would be a qualitative change, and might bring back important values like our history, our traditios, what we always stood we have the flag and sing the national anthom. There has to be something right and good about a modern democratic monarchy. Spain, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Holland,Denmark, Sweden, Norway ,are examples of the best countries in the world to live- highest levels of happiness, standard of living, culture, health security and life expectation. Democracies with history of freedom and respect for their
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