Pros And Cons Of Mongol Empire

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The Mongol Empire contributed both good and bad impacts to the world. Focusing on the positives of the Mongol Empire Invictus points out how they shaped a thriving economy through increasing trade and their ability to share knowledge with others. Empires typically do not appear as quickly and thrive as well as the Mongol Empire did, but they grew from a few men to a large group of warriors overnight or within eighty years (Invictus). The ruler Chingis Khan made it possible through his unity, military tactics, and personal skills. Chingis Khan developed a new system of fighting that created stability and organization within his army, most foes feared them because of this basic principle (Invictus). In addition, when he noticed a weakness in his plan he immediately captured a group of Chinese men that were siege engineers to…show more content…
However, Gascoigne acknowledges the major flaw to the Mongol Empire, their brutality. The actual number of those killed at the hands of Mongols is thought to be in the millions (Invictus). Although, Khan’s purpose was expansion. He did not want to slaughter the people he encountered, and it is noted that those that surrendered were not killed, but taken a hostage and placed within the army (Invictus). The simple reason that brought the Mongol Empire together was also its demise, the failure of unity. The Empire after Chingis Khan’s death did not operate as it once did and it weakened them as a whole. In the end, the Mongol Empire were good and their advancements helped shape the world today. Their ability to provide “safe travels of trade throughout their empire and the exchange of knowledge and culture” began the trade systems that have evolved over time (Invictus). Knowledge was spread through these advancements. In those days, a legal system did not exist as it does today, therefore the methods of expansion were brutal. It was just the method used then, and the people that were taken hostage did not suffer because of his
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