Pros And Cons Of Monsanto

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Monsanto is a company whose name has become synonymous with corporate corruption and malpractice. What initially started as a controversial chemical company, most notably condemned for the creation of the chemical weapon “agent orange”, went on to become the far more controversial agricultural biotechnology corporation it is known today. Out of all of Monsanto’s crimes, both ethical and humane, the following are some of their most noteworthy.
Monsanto has been criticized for the creation of genetically modified crops or “Frankenfoods”. These crops have been modified to increase natural toxin levels and contain proteins known to cause allergic reactions and lead to health risks. Monsanto’s herbicide “roundup” has been linked to severe drops in bee and monarch butterfly populations along with the creation of herbicide resistant super weeds.
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These farmers had been bullied into using Monsanto’s products like the infamous terminator seeds which would grow crops that would become sterile after the first harvest.
There’ve also been cases where farmers were discovered to have Monsanto crops “mysteriously” turn up in their harvest and where then sued by the company for their supposed theft.
Outside of America they were linked to a number of controversies in India such as the subminimum payment of laborer wages, usage of child labor, and mass farmer suicides in India after their GMO cotton seeds failed to grow anything and they were left in deep debt to Monsanto.
Monsanto must have an excellent legal team and strong influence in the government otherwise they would’ve been shut down years ago. Although its rap sheet is longer than most government constitutions, out of all of Monsanto’s crimes its continued existence is easily the
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