Pros And Cons Of More Guns-More Violence

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More Guns-More violence The gun laws we have now are simply not enough to keep us safe. It is extremely easy to get a gun permit. There is only one question out of about twenty that has to do with your mental history. And there is no training required to have a gun. There needs to be stricter laws and training required if guns are going to be aloud. Having more strict gun laws could help save lives. Thousands of people die each year from gun violence. “Nineteen out of fifty states allow open carry without permit with you required. Fifteen out of fifty states require a permit to open carry” (Dilascio, 2017). Only fifteen states require a permit to open carry. This means if someone gets caught with a gun in one of those states they could get away with it. “In 2017, 61,331 logged incidents of shoots were reported” (Nass, 2017). Guns aren’t made for killing or injuring people, yet that 's one of the main things they are being used for now. Guns are rarely used and bought for self defense. “Hatred will always exist,There will always be someone that takes offense to something said. Through a mix of fear and misunderstanding That is America’s shame. Not that we have people who hate, but that we make it so easy for people to obtain the means to turn that hatred dealy” (Mcdonald,2016). We as a country should not be making it easy for just anyone to get a gun. The brutal reality is some people cannot handle criticism or seeing things they don 't like, and some people take that
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