Pros And Cons Of Multitasking A Thief

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Multitasking is a thief
Many people use multi-tasking as a tool to get more things done faster, but what they really don’t know is that they are actually wasting time when they could be using different methods to actually get work done. You can multitask by watching T.V. while paying your bills, or doing homework while babysitting. What people don’t know is that when people multitask, they aren’t just wasting time using a false work method, they are using a method that shouldn’t be used at all! Multitasking is a bad way to, but what are the reasons why it just isn’t a great way to work? Why is multitasking a thief? What exactly is multi-tasking? “The definition of multitasking is the performance of multiple tasks sequentially and in a quick succession”. Another name for Multi-tasking is switch tasking. Even though they have different names, they share the same meaning and have the same flaws. When people have a set of tasks in front of them, they often think they could save time by juggling all those tasks together and taking them on all at once. This is false.
As I’ve already stated, multitasking has its flaws. in fact, its cons outweigh its pros. Research on Multitasking and its effects have been conducted for decades, and they have found solid evidence that proves multitasking is a bad way to handle work. If you do work while multitasking, and then by taking on a task one at a time you will see that with multitasking, it took longer to complete tasks and it created more

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