Pros And Cons Of Muscatine Iowa

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Muscatine iowa is concidering building a public dog park in a residential area of the city. The park would consist of an acre of open land surrounded by a fence where dog owners can unleash their dogs for play and exersie. Sounds like a reasonable request to consider... but is it bound to be a burden for tax payers and the everyday life of a resident in the city or are we in desperate need af a dog park? In the city about 68% of city residents inhabits rental units. As we all know, usually the apartments come with a very small and private yard space. The space is too limited for residents pets tho exersize and run around. Laws of the city creates even more limitations by asking that the dog is on a leash in public ares. Because …show more content…

The cities provide us with parks and they rely on the people to respect and follow the rules in place. often the rules are heeded and there could be a lawsuit waiting to happen because if an encounter were to occur whether its dog vs dog or dog vs victim its rightful for the individual to sue not only the attackers owner but the city as well for not enforcing the law. although this could be factual its also possible that there wouldnt be any attacks and that the dogs could actually get along if provided the space to socialise,exersize and hang out. The issue of dogs noise levels that prevents residents from sleeping as it says in the opposing passage can easily be addressed by setting an appropriate time frame and having the park closed at a reasonable hour. The opposing passage stated that the park is too expensive and that the fence alone is 70,000 dollars and that dog owners shouldnt pressure the city to provide the space they cannot provide themselves. the park is expensive but worth it because passage one provided solid facts and how this park can benefit dog owners and their dog. the dog park can cut down the amount of dogs that get disgarded in the

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