Pros And Cons Of Museums

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Museums are temple of old heritage as they preserve and display things related to artistic, religious, political and scientific field. For entry in museums, if fee is charged it has certain pros and cons.
There are ample merits of charging fees regarding visits to museum. Initially, Museums provide lots of information regarding our culture and traditions and they also need maintenance so to cover that expenses fee is charged which in a way is beneficial for our country. Furthermore, the one who visits museum will feel more enthusiastic about learning something from museums as regard to free entry as people do value money a lot and take care of where they are spending it and whether it gives fruitful results or not. Apart from it, level of tourism will also enhanced and even it will also boost respect among people regarding our history and culture as they will pay to visit museums somehow contribute towards economy.
On the contrary, it is evident that charging fees from people regarding access to museums may dishearten them because of many reasons. To embark with, people believe that as it is a government aided universities of knowledge there should be free admissions to such places. So it is quite hard for anyone to convince them to pay fees. Moreover, It will restrict the number of frequent visitors as people will be least interested in paying for such places due to less curiosity among them for visiting places which are related to old things. In addition to it, though
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