Pros And Cons Of Music Career

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Music Careers

Music … when people think of music they just think that it’s singing and preforming but there is a much deeper theory. There are so many music careers to pursue but today’s society encourages it which is a good and not is music fun and a creative field but it pays the bills. I believe that the music field is for the creative souls of the world I mean many of us can make songs or defend famous musician or record films and more. Music started long ago when Adam and eve were there. Music has always been the one thing people use for happiness. Music is everywhere music is our life. Imagine a world without music!!! That would be horrible

The career I was most interested in was music producing. Music producing is very important to the music industry because without music producers there wouldn’t be the music we listen today because artists don’t just come up with the music they need their right hand in crime and that’s their music producer. The producer has many roles such as organizing he beats of the certain song mixing the artists voice to the track sometimes even creating the track. But there is one thing you need to know with producing there are two types of producers. There is the executive producer and a music producer. Executive producers makes sure all the financial things that are needed to make the song and the music producer actually creates the music. So the music producer and the artist sit in a studio for some time it take weeks, months and even

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