Pros And Cons Of Music Therapy

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Midterm Essay

Yavier Berrios

What is musical therapy how can it help us?

Musical therapy is a method of of therapy that can help a wide range of people from soldiers with PTSD or a child that has a mental disorder or emotional trauma
Musical therapy is an efficient way of therapy that can help patients let go of stress and help express themselves according to the American musical therapy association musical therapist mooren bosch has said that she sees a huge impact every day that musical therapy has on the elderly she works with at a retirement home because it revives good memories that the elderly had and it helps them forget about the stress of being at an age that death could come from anywhere.
Because of this musical therapy has received many positive remarks, because music heard by the human ear that can impact someone 's emotional state is more powerful than any medicine.
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Music therapy has many pros compared to the amount of cons most of the cons involve the person getting treatment that help treat anxiety and enhance moods which is why this method is very effective because this method has the potential to change someone 's life forever ,when people think music therapy they tend to think it 's only listening to it but in reality it 's anything that involves art music is a huge part of today 's culture because A lot of teenagers today are greatly influenced By music because in this day in age music is a way that a teenager that goes through a lot in life can relate to other people by listening to a song that talks about topics that are relatable and the life of said Teenager and are commonly used for references and
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