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In Malta , we use the conventional liability coverage when it comes to motor, which is, the ‘at fault’ insurance cover, where the insurer’s driver who is at fault is responsible to pay for the damages and injuries caused to the other driver. However, in countries like Australia, Canada and USA, a different type of policy is used. This is known as ‘No-fault’ insurance cover and also called Personal injury protection.

No-Fault insurance coverage is a type of motor insurance liability where irrespective of who is at fault , both insurers pay for the damages and injuries of their own policyholder, in contrast to at fault insurance where the one who’s policyholder is at fault, meaning,
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Starting off with the advantages of no-fault insurance, in essence, one of the major advantage is the peace of mind, the driver involved does not need to be anxious or worry about anything since the insurer will take care of the claim himself/herself . The policyholder involved can leave it up to his insurance company because the policy will make up for everything; injuries and even loss earnings, no matter who is at fault during the collision. Therefore, in other words, the insured who is not at fault need not to worry about suing the other negligent…show more content…
The first major disadvantage is that in case of property damage, it is not covered. Under the no-fault insurance policy, if the vehicle and/or any property gets damaged, the claimant will not get compensated for such damages because no-fault insurance covers medical and lost earnings only. In order to be compensated for vehicle or property damages, the party would have to file a claim the same way as under a fault insurance policy against the other party’s insurance, therefore he/ she would have to follow the same

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