Pros And Cons Of Non-Formal Education

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Not only informal and formal education, there is also the so-called non-formal education. Non-formal education is education acquired outside the formal education organized by the education agency official. Non-formal education can be easily found by us, especially those earmarked age dini.Misalnya landfill or Taman Pendidikan Al - Quran that we often find in the mosque, Sunday School organized by the church, and ECD (Early Childhood Education). Not limited to age prematurely, non-formal education also earmarked other age levels. Example . courses (sewing, computers, and language), and tutoring. Developments in the world of education has also played a role in the printing generation - young people who are competent and have the high competitiveness with other…show more content…
Because the concept of learning has had an impact in the transformation process into a modern conventional education. Moreover, because there are some people who support their pro or the learning system, but not a few who cons of e-learning system was.
Many argue that e-learning related to computers and global networks. This opinion is not wrong, but wrong. For that there needs to approach deeply into the nature of learning system e-learning. Because there is little wrong people perceive and assess the learning system. Even for a group of people who do not like the process of learning with e-learning methods as a result of advances in information technology and communications.
Based on the background of the above problems, researchers interested in conducting research with the title: "Effect of Method E-Learning Against Student Achievement Lesson In English Class VII MTs Daarul Ahsan, Jayanti - Tangerang"
B. Identification of the Problem
Based on the background described above, the authors identify the problems - problems that exist in this study as
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