Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Bomb

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A “Nuclear Bomb” is a weapon of mass destruction that can lead to many disadvantages but at the same time many advantages. If you were to be a person that hosts a Nuclear Bomb and you possibly decide to release it, other countries will come against you and fire back, so basically, all the countries that have these weapons know that if they fire, others will fire too and that can be useful. Some even believe that the Second World War ended earlier than it should've when they used a Nuclear Bomb against Japan. "It is impossible to win a nuclear war, and both sides realized that maybe for the first time." - Fyodor Burlatsky (USSR) A Gamma Ray is an electromagnetic wave with a high frequency and a low wavelength which explains why it emits a high…show more content…
Political: Negatives: The reason why Little Boy and Fat man were dropped was that they had a political conflict which would build up the hatred between the countries until one strikes with something. Striking with a nuclear bomb can create an ever bigger conflict between the countries causing a possible Nuclear Warfare. Positives: Knowing the disadvantages of the weapon, it is highly unlikely for a country to shoot up a nuclear bomb because of the consequences the nuclear bomb will have which made countries less active with wars for the past decade. Knowing that you might create a conflict in a country using the “I’m going to push the button” move might stop a conflict in a country since it serves as a threat for the opposing country to back off. Environmental: Negatives: If a nuclear bomb is dropped it would cause a huge explosion and remove anything in its way which includes any houses for mother nature. If we possibly start a Nuclear Warfare, it is possible that we might commit omnicide (Omnicide: The total extinction of Humans as a cause of human
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