Pros And Cons Of Occupational Therapy

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The type of evidence-based article this is is a research article.
2. Describe the strengths and limitations of this article?
The strengths and limitations of this article are first the strengths they have is the research concludes that there are improvements in cognitive skills and their functional independence with the patients who had strokes who had continuing therapy in the home. The weaknesses they had were the fact that they had a low number of participants. Then they need to organize multidisciplinary home-attention teams covering a greater portion of the population as well as supporting functional independence.
3. What part of this article supports occupational therapy? Please describe.
The part of the article that supports occupational therapy is the entire part. The article really encompasses all the aspects of occupational therapy in the setting of home health. The study from their method (from the participants, the instruments, the design, the procedure) shows that therapy in the home have benefits in cognitive abilities and in their ADL’s for people who had a stroke. The benefits are not just towards the patients, but they also improve the quality of life for the caregivers, which means decreased healthcare costs.
4. How was this research performed?
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Knowing that home health actually has evidence that supports its effectiveness for clients makes it open up your eyes to just how really special the setting of home health is in treating patients. I observed several people with strokes and they all enjoy the idea of home therapy because of the comfort they have within their
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