Pros And Cons Of Off Campus Lunch

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“Between 300 and 500 students are eligible for off- campus lunch at one school “(Good Grades 13). Most students drive with friends or drive to go get food, which puts them at risk for danger. Even though off-campus lunch offers more nutritional options, schools should not offer this because leaving campus can lead to danger, and students gain the opportunity to ditch class and make bad decisions. Students should not be able to leave school for lunch for their own safety. According to Linda Saslow, “Concerns of pedestrian and vehicular safety and the misuse of free time, including drug and alcohol use, have prompted a campaign by parents in the district to close the campus” (3). This means that having the students out during lunch will not…show more content…
This is the real problem with this topic. As Bob Gerver said, ‘“The issue should not be ' 'open ' ' or ' 'closed, ' ' but ' 'open for whom? ' '’(Gerver qtd. In Saslow 11). In other words, students that have good records and have good grades should be able to go. This would narrow the problem of safety concerns down. Having an option to go get food from a restaurant as a reward for good grades might encourage other students to try harder. Adrian Johnson stated, “Make off-campus lunch possible for upperclassmen” (16). Others may say, “By allowing kids to leave for lunch, they have more opportunities to eat healthier food” (“Top” 6). Consequently, whether what students should be allowed to leave the school for lunch really depends on their grades, and personality. Because making the irresponsible students stay at school while the mature students can get rewarded for their hard work, is the reasonable idea. In the end, schools should not allow students to have off- campus lunch because it gives them the choice to do something against the rules and puts them in danger. All in all, students should not be able to leave campus for lunch. Along with better nutrition, there are safety concerns, general guidelines and other main reasons that schools should not offer off campus lunch. Because of this, students feel like they should be able to have the freedom to leave. But what they really have is the capability to educate themselves. If students disobey this statement and ditch class for lunch, then they will
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