Persuasive Essay On Online Dating

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Nowadays, technological advances devastating for human life. Technology can not only provide information widely available to us, but the technology can also help us to make friends all over the world without limits. Many applications are created which enabled us to be able to socialize via the internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Not only that, with the advancement of this technology has helped many women or single men in the world get a mate through online dating sites on the internet. Had a lot of couples who follow the online dating is finally getting married. But behind the good benefits of online dating is given, there are many people who take advantage of this through online dating to commit a crime. If you are interested…show more content…
Most of them are doing this due to deceive or because it is not confident with their own faces. When you do this online dating, should you need to ask a lot of photos of friends online dating. Instead, you should do the same thing that you both trust each other more. 6. Do not rush

When you do online dating on the internet, you should use the time to know your date and get to know your date more closely. Do not rush to invite meet until you are sure your date 's. Keep the conversation casual and fun for both of you until you both feel for each other. 7. Make a video call

Before you meet directly with your date, ask him first to make video calls. The aim is that you can see the way your actual date so you do not be fooled or you can recognize it when you meet. By doing this video call can also help you avoid scams. 8. Save evidence

When you are doing online dating, save the evidence that you have just in case if something bad happens in the future. Keep all conversations, photos, identity, and anything that may be evidence of a crime in order to anticipate the future that may happen to you. 9. Invite meet
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