Pros And Cons Of Online Networking Essay

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Introduction According to many researchers, there's a risk in the internet and online networking. The idea that data is enough, that more data is enough, that you don't need to think, you simply need to get more data gets exceptionally risky. Backgrounds Actually, The Internet is one of the most essential tools in our life and it has a lot of benefits, it gives challenges, and you can used a lot of things through the internet , With e-mail you can receive messages, and contact with others and your messages will reached from everywhere like a letters. It gives many types of knowledge including, social information, logical information, and scientific information. Nowadays the Internet is a basic and essential part of the life and no one can live without.…show more content…
It supports us to interact successfully, does our homework rightly and collects the data in a simple way." (Wesbroom, 2005). Each technology that we use and manage it in our life has negative and positive sides, but we have to pick the right choice to get the advantages of it and you are the person who is responsible of your choice that you have made on the grounds and know the good and bad behavior. But, if we use it in effective way and the family keeps their attention on their babies and children, we will void and cancel all its disadvantages Thesis statement: Even though people said that the Internet affects negatively on their lives, however; it can help the world communicate with each other, protect time, and it makes their works easier by downloading the software in one click. 1. Main idea: internet helps the world to communicate with each other. Supporting idea A. Individuals can use Skype and Facebook and social media to talk with each other. B. Increase the confidence of sending message and make conversation. C. Sharing point of view with a far relative and friends. 2. Main idea: protect time Supporting

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