Pros And Cons Of Open Adoption

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Adoption can be a very crucial step to be taken. Both in the case of parents and the child to be adopted, adoption demands a careful handling. The child needs to be taken care of in each and every possible way in order to protect him/her from any emotional heartbreaks or mental stress. In most of the cases, parents choose a close adoption method while some choose the open adoption way. However, both the ways have their own pros and cons.
First, we need to understand the term close and open adoption in details:
Open adoption: An open adoption is a method where both the birth parents and the adopting parents stay connected to each other even after the adoption. In this case, both the party of parents share the life experiences of the child and how is he and she is performing in academics, curriculum, school function and other aspects. In this type of adoption, the child is made to know about the birth parents once he/she is ready to understand the things. Both stay close and socialise in order to stay connected. The adopting parents and the birth parents meet at least once in a month or more in order to make the child feel more connected. Here the child gets to know that he or she is adopted.

Close adoption: This method does not include any of the above cases and here the process is very confidential as there is no connection between the birth parents and the adopting parents. The adopting parents do not want to make the child feel that he or she is adopted and prefer to give
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