Pros And Cons Of Operation Midnight Climax

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Throughout history and into modern day civilization, humans have always come across a question, “Can I control that being?” This question then flows into acts and experiments of mind control and hypnosis. Hollywood has also produced multiple movies based around the inhuman experimentations of mind control; but those things only happen in movies, right? Well, not quite. The Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) in the United States of America, has performed many heinous experiments on humans. In fact, these types of experiment could still be being conducted today, as we speak. One of these schemes include Operation Midnight Climax, a subproject of Project MKUltra. Operation Midnight Climax was ___, unethical in every aspect, and___. If this operation was truly so ___[evil], what in…show more content…
and established Operation Midnight Climax in 1953, with a goal of developing a truth serum. Operation Midnight Climax was a ___ where prostitutes in San Francisco and New York City, paid by the C.I.A., lead customers to C.I.A. safe houses that were turned into brothels. The safe houses were placed under order of Narcotics Bureau officer George Hunter White. There, the prostitutes would slip large doses of LSD into the customers’ drinks. While the animals partied away, agents, including White, would be hidden behind one-way mirrors, observing their every move. The safe houses were also equipped with recording devices; those films were sometimes used to threaten the victim to say quiet about the experimentations. However threats were usually unnecessary because going to brothels is not something that every man wants to admit. The heavily dosed men would experience dizziness, loss in appetite, and impulsive and rapid emotional changes (National Institute on Drug Abuse). This program ___[continued] until 1966, when both the safe houses in San Francisco and New York City were

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