Pros And Cons Of Orcas In Captivity

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Marine parks in the country like SeaWorld, have orcas in tanks that they live in captivity. They use most of the killer whales for their performances in the pool. We all know that orcas are social, and intelligent creatures, that live in the oceans of the earth. We also know that many scientist are trying to study these animals in captivity where they are in tankes. I think Killer Whales should not be in captivity because, of the injures they can get in their tanks, how they get stressed out and they are better in the wild. The first reason why I think should not be in captivity is of what happens in their tank. The first piece of evidence from the PETA practical “Aquariums and Marine Parks” is that since the tanks for the orcas are usually small for them, they get insane because of the echolocation they use. This makes me think that since their fin sometimes curves, that they would get injured while swimming. In addition, this might make the whale die faster than what they are supposed to live to. Other people might say it might non’t affect it but I think they might die faster. The second piece of evidence from article “Should Orca Shows Be Banned?” is who they live with says Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist in Washington D.C. “They are living with what are essentially strangers,”says Rose. I wonder when they are together in captivity, that they might attack each other. In addition to my thinking they just ignore them which makes them have different
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