Transnational Organized Crime

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What is organized crime? How can organized crime be established? What are the many aspects that make illicit actions deem as an organized criminal act? Organized crime threatens peace and human security, violates human rights and undermines economic, social, cultural, political and civil development of societies around the world. Transnational organized crime is presented in countless and various forms. Included in these are instances such as drug trafficking and, arms trade. Along with this is the acknowledgment that organized crime groups capitalize on the travel of individuals in order to stimulate a human trafficking system as well as illegally smuggle individuals. However, above all else is the major growing, money laundering, and the…show more content…
Regardless of the negative influence, in certain instances it is left difficult to condemn the transfer system due to its wealthy impact on the economy. However, how does it impact and aid the growth of money laundering? This is simple. The concept of “Hawala” is to transfer funds to a foreign part, thus altering the origin of the finances. Many illicit trades and illegal money achievement will be transferred through “hawala” to a different party and then returned as part of a legalized business front. Therefore it is an immoral method of playing the system to legalize illegal transactions. This is the most basic and effective method that used by organized crime groups to cover the corrupt funding. The reason that “hawala” seems to aid this system of money laundering is due to the simple fact that in most cases the actual action of ‘hawala” is not repressed as illegal. Rather it is considered a very normal transaction. However some regions of the world deem the transfer as illegal in order to assist in the defeat of money laundering, as well as help construct a stable and suffice, functioning economy. The reason that Hawala has now become a very crucial part of the economy is due to the large levels of corrupt ill-gotten blood money that has been distributed into circulation, thus providing the economy with a major threat. In many cases such as India and Pakistan, the economy depends strongly on…show more content…
In that peripheral network that will involve the bankers, politicians and police; basically the portals into the illicit world that protects the core of the organized crime group, which revolves around business activity. With such a network territorial possessions come into play, and again, popular support is needed.
Terrorist groups tend not to revolve around a system and network and rather adjust to certain territorial claims. This involves the concept such as politics as well as an aim drive for criminal acts. Political agendas is the prime support for terrorist involvement. The financial aspect of their activities is a means to an end, so this place is very different constraints on the terrorist group and allows the terrorist group to engage in much bolder, riskier and violent acts then an organized crime group would. What 's important about a terrorist act is that it 's used to draw attention to their political

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