A Career In Orthopedic Surgery

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Do you have a problem with your musculoskeletal system? Have a nagging pain in your knee, or is it hard to sit down and stand because your back has a tremendous amount of pain? Well, get on going to see an orthopedic surgeon. He or she can help the pain go away. Orthopedic surgeons need about 14 years of schooling. They also need many certifications and need to take many exams to get them to point of treating a patient, so trust them. They are professionals and they know what they’re doing to help you. Orthopedics surgeons improve your health physically and mentally. You will be more happier after getting treatment to solve your problem. Orthopedics surgeons are a promising doctor that need to go through intensive training and schooling and…show more content…
They work about fifty seven hours per week (Kokemuller NP). An ortho doctor can see up to 30 patients and have 4 surgeries a day. According to Kamaljeet Banga a orthopedic surgeon, they keep seeing patients throughout the day until their lunch break and are unable to have their lunch break when in a middle of an appointment or surgery. Working alone for an ortho doctor isn´t and option. An orthopedic surgeon must have a team that he or she works with to have have surgeries on patients (NP). An orthopedic surgeon is a very involved doctor and is very occupied during his work…show more content…
UMU is located in Syracuse N.Y. When one is going to UMU to pursue the career of an orthopedic surgeon the college of medicine section is the way to go. The College of Medicine at UMU offers more than 200 electives. The students can take electives throughout the four years of med school. To get an medical degree (MD) at Upstate it take four years of training and education to become a physician. The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) pass rate at upstate over the last ten years is 97%. After med school one applies for residency. UMU also has a residency program, to apply you must be a graduate of an medical school in the US or Canada by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). UMU is on the list of LCME (College of Medicine NP). As you can see Upstate Medical University has great programs for continuing your education to pursue the career as an orthopedic
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