Pros And Cons Of Over The Counter Drugs

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Over the counter drugs are medicines sold directly to a consumer and do not require the prescription of a registered medical practioner. So they are also known as non prescription drugs. This is a serious and growing global health challenge. Some OTC medicines relieves aches, pain and itches. Some prevent or cure diseases like tooth decay and athletes foot. Others help in managing recurring problems like migrane. It is important to take medicines correctly and be careful when giving them to children. More medicines does not necessarily mean better. Drugs from many different therapeutic classes and numerous dosage form and drug delivery system are implicated in non prescription drug abuse. Individuals who commonly abuse certain non prescription medications are likewise diverse varying in age demographics and overall health status. KEYWORDS Non prescription drug, drug abuse INTRODUCTION Over the counter drugs are the medicines sold directly to a consumers without prescription from the health care professionals and registered medical practioner. The…show more content…
Readily available in many types of stores, not just pharmacies Cheaper than prescription drugs. Do not need a doctor visit. Disadvantages People self treat things that require more attention. While taking with prescription medicines that may cause drug interactions. Social approach that do not require prescription they are safe. Selection of wrong medication due to misdiagnosis. Often go over the counter when they have lost their effectiveness as prescription drugs due to resistance and overuse. Restricted over the counter
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