The Benefits Of Overcrowding In Schools

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Overcrowding not only effects people in the classroom, it effects them throughout the day. “…there was a risk to waiting too long to use the bathrooms: because of the overcrowding, the cafeteria would run out of food” (Mirjian 20). Students should never be faced with choosing to go the bathroom or having lunch. Instead they should be provided with both amenities without any cost to them. Both of those are things that other students simply take advantage of. Students should not be put in the predicament to have to decide between two necessary items. They should be allowed to be normal students that are only concerned with learning not things that should be automatically provided to them. If the school district is going to overcrowd the schools…show more content…
“The benefits of obtaining a higher education can result in lower unemployment rates; lower poverty rates; increased contributions to tax bases; decreased dependency on social assistance; and healthier lifestyles. Given these societal and personal benefits, funding education at all levels must become a priority” (Ikpa 470). More students would be able to go on to get a higher education if they received an adequate high school education. This would in return help the state bring in more money. Hopefully, it would also lessen the number of low income neighborhoods. Instead more citizens could be financially stable and offer high quality schools for future students. “…we cannot allow our disadvantaged children to continue to be undereducated in poorly conceived, poorly staffed, and poorly governed underfunded public schools. It is morally wrong and economically unsound…” (Ikpa 470). Children don't deserve to suffer because of their parents income levels. They should instead be able to get an equal education that can help them in their futures. If nothing changes this will continue to be a cycle that the disadvantaged children go through. If the children don't get the same education they may not pursue a higher education, therefore their children will be forced to go to the underfunded public schools and it will continue on. However, if the government steps in and offers a solution where everyone can be treated equally, regardless of income, everyone will benefit. “‘Whether it translates into smaller class sizes, a wider range of education programs, or additional supports for struggling students, full and fair funding has a real impact on students’ lives’” (PR Newswire). All these students need is someone who is willing to stand up for their rights. Once they receive the same materials and opportunities as other students they will be able to reach their full
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