Pros And Cons Of Overcrowding Prisons

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Overcrowding Prisons Prisons are overcrowded throughout the nation. The number of incarceration is rapidly increasing. Innocent prisoners are taking up space, and money is crucial. Prisoners are competing and struggling for a living. Therefore our two choices are to release the prisoners, or overcrowd them into jail. The best choice for us is to release the prisoners to save our nation from tumbling into a massive hole. First of all, there are prisoners that should not be behind bars. I’m talking about those who committed an unacceptable act, but are not involved in any violent activities. Those who executed a violent act, most wanted, or dangerous, deserves a spot in jail. According to Time it said, “25% of prisoners (364,000 people), almost all non-violent, lower level offenders would be better served by alternatives to incarceration such as treatment, community service or probation.” Yes, it is true that they would be better off somewhere else because jail won’t be any help. Those who believes that the prisoners should not be released might claim that releasing prisoners is a very dangerous idea. Some prisoners might just end up repeating their actions, and this time someone could get hurt. They are in prison for a reason. They weren’t thrown in there for no reason, and releasing them would defeat the purpose of a prison. Even though that is very true, I believe that people are smarter than that. No one is going to release the most dangerous and threatening prisoners.
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