Pros And Cons Of Overpopulation

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According to Jones, humans are 10,000 times more common than they should be. In other words, visualize getting stuck the whole life in a room that’s capacity is fifty people instead there are one-hundred people. Undoubtedly, many individuals if not all people will get sick, and that’s because there wouldn’t be enough food for everybody. Secondly, people will die because there would not be enough air (oxygen) for them to breathe, which causes the spread of diseases. We should have more control over overpopulation since it causes the spread of diseases, starvation, and the utilization of agricultural space; on the other hand, some believe that overpopulation is an advantage. On one hand, overpopulation is becoming the world’s threat, that is…show more content…
Almost all the human’s daily activities negatively impact the whole globe, and as the population increases, so does the damage (Duncan). The first cause of overpopulation is the decline in the world's populations death rates. The death rates are only 55.3 million per year; while the birth rates are 131.4 million per year. One could see that the number of deaths is almost half the number of births. However, if we had balanced birth and death rates together; they would cancel out each other. But the real question is, why do we have fewer death rates even with all these wars and diseases going on? Well the simple answer is because of the advancements in the medical field. “Science and technology are directly responsible for lowering natal deaths and rising life expectancy. Consequently, human population has exploded to a point where the earth may not be able to support us” (R.). Technology is the top reason why the balance has been permanently disturbed. Modern medicine and technology are keeping people alive longer while we are having a difficult time adapting. Imagine that, we are saving lives, but at the same time babies are being born every second; which at the end causes overpopulation. As a final point, another cause of overpopulation is lack of family planning. Marring at an early age, increases the birth rates; in other words, it increases the chance of getting more babies. “Those people are unable to understand the harmful effects of overpopulation and lack of quality education prompts them to avoid family planning measures” (“What is Overpopulation”). Unfortunately, since some people don’t understand how overpopulation is poignant, it triggers them to get married at an early age, which later on escalates the chance of having more
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