Buying Or Rent A House Essay

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Is It Better to Buy or Rent a House?
Matt Oberle
Central High Abstract Deciding on buying or renting a house is a very important decision. This paper will focus on the pros, cons, and process of buying or renting a house. Many different factors come into play when making this important financial decision on whether to buy or rent a house. This paper will cover the many steps an individual has to take in deciding whether to buy or rent a household. The paper will also cover how buying or renting a house can affect the way an individual lives. This paper will cover all of the pros and cons of owning or renting a house.

Is It Better to Buy or Rent a House?
Many people ask themselves one question at some point in their life. Is it better to buy or rent a house? Buying and renting a house both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. This decision is one of the most important financial decisions an adult can make. This decision could possibly affect the way an individual lives the rest of their lives. When deciding whether to rent or buy, many factors come into play. The main price for the house, the duration you plan to stay at the specific location, taxes -- all are important factors that come into play when deciding on
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Some pros include flexibility. When renting a house, it is easier to move. The renter will not have the responsibility of finding another person to purchase the property or the house. This might be helpful for people who may have to change job locations frequently or do not plan to stay at one location for an extended period of time. There is also a possibility of living in a place that some may not be able to own themselves. The only insurance the renter will have to have is for the details and furnishings of the house. The insurance would cover what the renter owns. The owner of the house will have to pay for homeowners insurance and the maintenance work done on the
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