Pros And Cons Of Owning Exotic Animals

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Exotic animals are dangerous in most cases, but people can own them if there areas to keep them in and have some responsibility. It is legal if somebody wanted to own a wolf they could buy one in some places, but with a license and secured fences to keep them in to have more protection. The commentary “Let People Own Exotic Animals” by Zuzana Kukol, and the Article “When Wild Pets Get too Wild, Wolf Run Offers a Home Where They Can Roam” all support owning exotic animals as pets. People should own exotic animals under these rules and still be safe, it is our right.
United States is a free country where there are rights for the citizens, so whoever owns these animals it is their concern. The commentary about owning wild animals says in line 22-25, “If we have the freedom to choose what car to buy, where to live, why should not we have the same freedom to choose what species of exotic animal to own and to love.” This is true because everyone should not be held back from owning exotic animals if they can do all of the other things dangerous in life. Cars, people, domestic animals, and wild animals all have injured or killed innocent bystanders before. Only the wild, or exotic, animals
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In the commentary “Let People Own Exotic Animals” it states in line 4-7, “Responsible private ownership of exotic animals should be legal if animal welfare is taken care of. Terry Thompson did not represent the typical responsible owner.” Thompson was not a good caretaker of exotic animals, and it was not the animals’ faults they were set free to put people in danger, it was Thompson’s irresponsibility. In the Article Of the Week it talks about how Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge puts safety fences around their animals to ensure they stay inside. If exotic animal owners do this they can own exotic animals without facing the consequence of them losing
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