Pros And Cons Of Paint Markers

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Best Paint Marker to Spice Up your Artwork
If you love working on various painting projects, a paint marker is a must-have tool in your home decorating kit. Paint markers are perfect for marking various materials for both interior and exterior surfaces. It is made up of thick and pigmented colors suspended in a resin or solvent solution and is formulated with ingredients that can resist tough weather conditions.
Since I often work on DIY home projects, I’ve used a lot of paint markers. In this regard, I’ve gathered a list of my top picks on the best paint marker. Each product has a list of its own pros and cons to give you an idea and help you decide which one is most suitable for you.
Choosing the Best Paint Marker
A lot of artists use this tool for both home and office use. There are so many brands,
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Uni-Posca Extra Fine Paint Marker

The Uni-Posca Extra Fine paint marker is ideal for decorating art projects that require fine strokes and details. The effect makes it appear as if you painted with a brush. The color has a nice opaque look and goes on the surface smoothly and evenly.

• It works great especially if you are painting on canvas materials. The paint glides on the material without any glitch.
• I love using this marker to create intricate and detailed designs. At first, I tried looking for a small and thin brush to help me with my artwork but could not find any that passes my standard. Eventually, I came across these extra fine tips and I find it quite satisfying.
• It holds up great even on outdoor use. I applied it on a wooden panel that sits in our garden. The color is still intact even after some time.
• The flow of paint is very consistent.

• Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. It will speed up the fading of some colors especially the lighter tones.
• Adding more pressure to the tip will unleash a pool of paint that will mess up any artwork.
• Be careful when pressing the tip because the paint may get stuck in the

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