The Importance Of The Parent-Teacher Conference

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PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES We encourage conferences, including the student, his/her teachers, parents and a counselor in order to seek constructive solutions to academic problems. Parent- Teacher conferences are schedules every quarter to keep the Parents updated about their child’s progress.
Conferences may be arranged through the Counseling Office. Individual teacher conferences may also be scheduled by contacting the receptionist to arrange the appointment with the concerned teacher. Parents can also contact the teachers via “CLASSERA”.

General Information
Lost and Found
Misplaced / recovered articles should be handed into the office. Valuables will be retained until claimed: other items may be found in the “Lost and Found” located in
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Students are encouraged to collect books for their morning classes when arriving at school and exchange these at lunch in readiness for afternoon classes. Students are not to change lockers without approval of, and assignment by, the office. Students are responsible for any damage to their locker or the cost of a lost lock. Students are not telling their combination to anyone or use another person’s locker. They are expected to keep lockers in good condition. The school reserves the right to inspect personal effects including bags, lockers, and automobiles.
Students may only use the mosque to pray before or after school, or during prayer break time.
1. All students must wear uniform recommended by school administration. It should always be clean and tidy.
2. The nails of the children will be checked on weekly basis. They should be properly trimmed and kept clean. Nail painting of any kind is strictly prohibited.
3. Utmost cleanliness must be observed in school premises. Throwing litter, pieces of paper, and other food items are strictly not allowed.
4. Writing or scribbling on walls and desk, benches or anywhere else is strictly prohibited.
5. Students must not run around inside the school building. They must observe silence while walking through the corridors or while going up and down the staircase.
6. Pushing, acting unsafely, jeopardizing others will
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Students are permitted to travel on buses for out-of-school activities, e.g. field trips, private visits and after school work. No bus fee will be charged in this regard.
6. Any advice of approval and the conditions of travel must be acknowledged and accepted in writing by parents.
7. Students wishing to switch the bus on any day should bring a written and signed permission slip from the parents and then they must hand over it to the bus monitor.
8. Students are expected to behave in decent manner during bus travel. School follow up reports of misbehavior and take whatever action is deemed necessary, in accordance with the school policy on student behavior on buses.
9. It is school responsibility to inform parents in cases of bus breakdown, early dismissal time and in the case of other emergencies.
Evaluation of student progress by members of the faculty is a continuous process. Teachers, in evaluating student achievement, consider many factors including tests, quizzes, project work, homework assignments and classroom participation. RISY teachers will observe student performance while providing daily opportunities for academic growth. Students, in partnership with parents and teachers, must take responsibility for their own academic
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