Pros And Cons Of Paying College Athletes Get Paid

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Getting Paid to Play a Sport in College?

College athletes have been playing inter-collegiate sports without pay since 1852 there is no reason to change that now. College athletes should not get paid because the previous college athletes did not get paid, the grind without pay makes you a better person and teaches you not to take anything for granted, and teaches you not to expect an award for everything good you do in life.

College athletes should not get paid based on the simple fact that it would be detrimental to college athletics and why they are played. If college athletes get paid as basically professional college athletes it defeats the purpose of college and makes it more like a job. It is known that college athletes work hard and
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The reason why they don’t pay athletes with this money is because they use this money to better the student’s college experience. With the money they are making the college the college can buy them a new field or new court to play on. If you look at all the successful schools their campuses and athletic areas have all the schools earnings put into them.

It is not a surprise and is known that Colleges have the money to pay athletes but that is not the problem. The problem is the lawsuits that are holding the NCAA back from doing so and they also make arguments of paying college athletes pointless. Most people agree that if college athletes did get paid it wouldn’t be a total shock but it is just not that easy. These kids should just go through college like the alumni did and it will all payoff when they get their first major job paycheck.

The point of college is to get you ready for the real world and if college athletes get paid while in college it totally defeats the purpose of college. Previous alumni didn’t get paid to play sports at their college so what makes the new athletes special. Colleges need to look back at the old saying “If it is not broke do not fix
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