Pros And Cons Of Pennies

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Pennies should not be made anymore. Pennies should not be produced anymore because they aren’t worth having,society doesn’t want them and think they are a nuisance, the only people who want to keep them are the big banks and the government.
Pennies aren’t worth having. “Material prices have driven the cost to produce the coin to 1.4 cents and above. Every year, our government is losing money in making these things.”-Kashmir Hill,The future of money. This proves that it costs more money to make the penny than it’s actual worth. The united states is losing money every time we produce one of these things. Stopping the production of these might not solve the country 's debt problem but it would at least help.”A 2007 article in the New York magazine
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“I really have no use for pennies, says Reno Conte, I use my credit card most of the time.”-Pennies don’t make sense to a lot of americans. “I think pennies are useless, says Stanford. If i have a penny in my pocket, I try to get rid of it as soon as possible” These are just two people that said they have no use for the penny and wouldn’t care if was not here anymore.”Pennies are a nuisance and it’s time for them to go. The one cent piece cannot, by itself, be used to purchase anything in the u.s today nor has it for a very long time. -In a pinch over pennies. Pennise have no use in the u.s other than to make change, you can’t buy anything with them
The only people who want the pennies are the major banks and the government.” At two public meetings in delaware last year he says he asked the crowd for an opinion and found the consensus both time overwhelmingly favored doing away with the penny.”-Do pennies still make sense. The big banks want to keep them so instead of giving out to the every fifth cent they only have to give it to the first.
In conclusion there isn’t much pennies can actually do. Pennies can’t buy you things, society does not want them anymore and people think they are plain out
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