Employee Performance Management Case Study

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This paper will address several areas of performance management. It will describe a comprehensive job description for a retail sales associate. Next, it will describe an organizational behavior modification (OBM) plan and define three key behaviors required for successful job performance as a retail sales associate. This paper will specify two ways Human Resource Management (HRM) would measure current employee performance behavior, and recommend two measures to inform employees of new performance standards. Next, it will outline a plan with two methods of providing feedback to employees. Finally, this paper will examine three key legal and ethical issues that could affect the performance management system.
Job Description
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For example, it could be considered unethical to give an employee a relatively low rating due to personal differences, unrelated to the employee's actual work performance. She identifies other potentially unethical sources of errors that include leniency (being overly forgiving when rating), central tendency (rating everyone towards the middle rank), recency (rating based on only the most recent events) and the halo effect (ranking all traits as positive because of one positive trait) (Frenz, n.d., para 3). Essentially, the supervisor must assess his or her performance rating standards with an unbiased eye, and strive toward consistency for all assigned employees. Inconsistent performance measurements could lead to employees perceiving biased attitudes and undermine the entire performance management…show more content…
A bona fide performance appraisal system is one in which staff measurements do not show an adverse bias against women, minorities or other protected classes. Essentially, a performance review showing such a prejudice may be considered both unethical and illegal (Frenz, n.d., para 4). For example, performance measures for two employees performing the same job, should be the same as well. If one employee is a woman, it would be discriminatory to tailor her performance measure to reflect traditional female duties (i.e. organize holiday parties, act as Combined Federal Campaign coordinator, etc.) To eliminate the legal or ethical concerns regarding discrimination, supervisors should be familiar with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and work with HRM to ensure their appraisal system is compliant. The overall effect of discriminatory performance measures will be a reduced trust by the employees on the company’s measurement system, and the company as a
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