Pros And Cons Of Picketing

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Picketing need not always be in the form of a protest and can also be done to persuade. In Hem Chandra Roy Chowdhury v. Kristo Chandra Saha, the court held that a rival hat owner is justified in inducing people by means of persuasion by picketing to attend his market or shop and to dissuade people from attending the market or shop of the rival owner because the act amounts to his expression of publicity. However, there have been certain cases like In Re V Vengan and Damodar v. State of Bombay , where picketing a shop on the ground of discrimination between races and dissuading intending customers from purchasing in that shop was held to be not warranted by Article 19(1)(a). Government employees and servants can also protest in the form of picketing or demonstration, but cannot go on a strike. In Kameshwar .v State of Bihar, the rule made by the Bihar Government prohibiting government servants from participating in any demonstration or strike in connection with any matter pertaining to their condition of service, was challenged. Although the…show more content…
It has been stated to be indispensable for the preservation of a free society and is termed as the touchstone of individual liberty. A free exchange of ideas, dissemination of information without restraints, dissemination of knowledge, airing of different views, debating and forming one’s own views and expressing them are the basic ideas of a free society. Freedom of expression means the right of one to express one’s convictions and opinions freely, by word of mouth, writing, picture or print. So, it includes within its ambit, the expression of one’s ideas by carrying banners and signs. Everyone has a fundamental right to form his opinion on any issue of general concern and also to inform others about it by legitimate means. The State cannot prevent open discussion and open
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