Pros And Cons Of Pitbulls

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Pit bulls are one of the world’s most understood dog. Pit bulls are wonderful dogs and make great pets if in a loving home. Because pit bulls are such great dogs, they should not be be banned. People think that pit bulls are mean but really they are a very sweet dog. “Before the Civil War, when the first pit bulls were brought to America by English and Irish immigrants, they were a respected breed. As working dogs, they were kept as hunters and guardians, as well as herders and pets. ” says one pit bull lover. Someone else says that he has a pit bull, and as soon as people see the pit bull say, “that’s like bringing a cat into a chicken coop!” and yet the dog has done nothing but be good and walk with his owner. Another thing that people do to a pit bull is “people expect to hear about attacks by pit bulls” so if a dog attacks, and it looks like a pit bull, people will say it is a pit bull. “In the early 1900s, the pit bull was one of the most popular breeds in America. Pit bulls became a symbol of America pride, and their image was used on posters to recruit soldiers during WW1” Since they were so popular during WW1, that proves pit bulls are not the ones with problems, people are the ones with problems. Is it possible another breed of dog was more popular before the pit bull, and some people wanted the other breed to be more popular so they framed the pit bull? “Why do so many people hate pit bulls?” Pit bulls in are very loyal to the people who own them.
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