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Pokemon God/ Ho Oh: Ho Oh is one of the gods of many pokemon and has lots of cool and unimaginal powers kinda like a wizard or witch that can cast spells or do like a real life magic tricks that could paralyze you.… what would you do if you had that kind of powers would you tell everyone or just friends or even nobody. Well the only bad thing about the God pokemon is that they have a lot of things pushing on their back and that means is that they had a lot of stress. Well Ho Oh has a couple of cool powers for example, purifying fire which that means if you have a fire energy and your pokemon Ho Oh has been damaged then when you lay down a fire energy it will heal 50 damage for your pokemon. It also has a move called the elemental feather wich…show more content…
The pokemon series is an immensely long and drawn out series that the inventors and creatures put all of their work into it to make it up as big as the series is now… the pokemon series has been going on since february 27, 1996, and now it is 2018. So is now one of the most known card game known across the…show more content…
Another problem is that the cards are not very sturdy and often bend and fold edges even if the card is very little damaged it can still lower the cost of a really good card that you didn't take care of or one of your friends that gave it to you looking like that already. But the solution is that they have protective cases for the pokemon cards and you can have a binder to put all of your cards in to the binder so the little kids can't get the cards out very easily without you knowing. Cause and effect Cause the pokemon cards are so expensive that there is a very slim amount of people that play the fun card game GLOSSARY Pokemon:A video game, card game, or other toy featuring certain Japanese cartoon characters. Thieves: A person who steals another person's property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence. Pros: is the advantages Cons: Is the disadvantages Elemental: a supernatural entity or force thought to be physically manifested by occult means. QUIZ Name two levels of pokemon. What is con/problem of pokemon. Name of your favorite pokemon on the list. What is one difference between pokemon and magic. What is the price for on 10 pack of cards. Answer Key God,Legendary,Elemental,Basic Optional Ho-Oh,Solgaleo,Venusaur,pikachu One has lands and one does not, one is easy o learn and one is not….ect.

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