Pros And Cons Of Police Brutality

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Recently within the United States, actions of police officers and others within law enforcement have been put as the face of headlines and news stories everywhere. There have been multitudes of videos streaming social media of officers killing unarmed innocents, as well as throwing children in classrooms for not obeying the rules. With many people unaware of what is legally acceptable, all citizens really can do is question; is the brutal force being used really necessary or are they harming people because they are capable of doing so without consequences thanks to their badge?
Police enforcement has been taking advantage of their power and authority as long as they have been around, although with actions now being seen and publicized more than ever before, people are beginning to want these assaulters and murders put away. Police officers are capable of getting away with killing, and abusing innocent people because of accusations they put among those. For example, Trayvon Martin was murdered by a police officer who claimed the “man” was going to grab a gun. After murdering the individual,
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Instances of police brutality has gone back as far as law enforcement officers having been established, and in todays time media coverage and police shootings have raised major questions over the choices made by law enforcement. Social media has opened way to videos unaired on television and hidden out of sight, as well as allowed people to communicate and find comfort within others over the wrong doings of those in authority. Protesting and raising questions leaves those in charge in a position where they must investigate and place responsibility where it is
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