Pros And Cons Of Political Parties

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Definition Essay Rough Draft Government is an important aspect in today’s world, especially regarding the opposition of being either a republican, democrat, or falling somewhere in between. One may identify them self as being one or the other, but how does one come to the conclusion of being a republican instead of a democrat or vice versa? It all comes down to how a person defines government and different political parties. A person may base his or her political beliefs off of what is said in media or from what one is accustomed to, but various questions and concerns regarding what ideas one supports go into picking the “right” political party. For example, children are often taught to pick one side and in this environment, parents often want their…show more content…
This topic is also influenced by media or what one’s peers believe in. Television has become an important part of today’s world and it is also used as a learning tool for kids nowadays and while the main focus behind these tv shows is to educate kids on math, science, and english, government and politics sometimes come into the picture. For example, Cartoon Network recently aired a new show called Clarence in which the main character has two mothers. This is a very liberal idea and as children watch this show the idea of gay marriage will become apart of the norm and not that big of a deal which may not resonate well in conservative households. But media is not the only one to blame, the kind of people one is friends with may influence political opinions. If one chooses to be a democrat and has strict liberal views most likely their friends share the same opinions and vice versa. Politics is tricky in the sense that although an individual is headstrong about supporting the way the government runs certain criteria, the social component of politics and the social beliefs of each party can influence a person to change their mind
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