Pros And Cons Of Polygamy

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“If you fear that you might not treat the orphans justly, then marry the women that seem good to you: two, or three, or four. If you fear that you will not be able to treat them justly, then marry (only) one, or marry from among those whom your right hands possess. This will make it more likely that you will avoid injustice.” [An-Nisaa’:3]
Polygamy or having two or more spouse in one time is one of the practice that is questioned by most of people. Although the Koran has stated it as sunnah, yet there is still a few people who refuse it, especially women. Women assume polygamy as a thing that challenge them and their rights. That is because polygamy allows men to gain more wives as
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It also means that one doesn 't have to settle for those "left over"; you can marry the person you want, not just the person that 's left. Very few countries have exactly the same number of males and females; in the UAE, there are 2.2 males per female, but in Estonia, there are only 0.84 males per female. Therefore, polygamy helps men to marry the right one.
• Polygamy is one of a sunnah that is better to be followed by Muslims
According to Raj Bhala (2011), sunnah is a way or method that can have two states, either good or bad. Polygamy is used to be a good sunnah as it was practiced by Prophet Muhammad. However, based on Sahîh Muslim, Hadith 1017, a reward has been provided to those who did a good sunnah. For that reason, polygamy is permitted to be practiced by those who are capable of being fair and responsible to each partners.
• Polygamy is able to rescue a problematic
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Love and affection given by their husbands all this while are false and unreal. This is proven by polygamy that is done by men. If men are really loving their wife, why must they marry another woman? Why must they betray their love and marriage? Thus, polygamy does not define a true love as it is too hurtful for women.
• Sunnah (polygamy) is not a must, does not have to be followed
According to Sheikh Dr Akram Sabri, the Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque, women is allowed to refuse polygamy and it does not sinful at all as they have rights to do so. They are also permitted to against their husbands for marrying again. So do not get worried because Islam is always be fair and never burden its ummah. Therefore, women have rights to refuse polygamy without violating the Islamic Law.
• Polygamy would spoil the institution of marriage
None of women are able accepting polygamy completely. Most of them would ask for a divorce once they notice their husbands’ request to remarry. It might be rush but what is the point to stay in that marriage? If the husband really loves his wife, why must him finds another? Why don 't him just stick to his wife? No wonder why women are easily back off in this case. However, it is proven that polygamy would spoil a marriage. If polygamy is not taken, perhaps that marriage would be
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