Pros And Cons Of Poston Butte High School

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Many people believe that the transfer of high school is hard. What many people fail to see it that it 's only the advancement in technology and the fast paced school lifestyle. This year at Poston Butte High School our school had about 500 incoming freshman which compared to last year is low… Now, taking into account that a large majority of our students come from the same school district and the same 8th grade class, Everyone 's transition could be considerably same. But was Poston butte all that they have been expecting. It can be taken into account that since we were all still young kids we were being fed cliches of high school. Whether it was from movies older friends or siblings. Making the High School life look like a fun and easy one. From lockers to school fights. Even the use of textbooks and desks lined up in straight rows. The cliche high school life of today 's teen is far from that. Could this of let people…show more content…
As many of them have already found out is that teachers at Poston Butte don 't like excuses for late work. From the first day of school on the 25th, a considerable amount of students are failing. This could be because they were not prepared for the seriousness and strictness of the grading policy here at Poston Butte High school. This being said, could this have shaken up some of the freshman? Or even made the High School transition a little rough and scary? Some may believe so, then again some may have been ready. From the first hand accounts of this year 's incoming freshman it can be said without a doubt, that they have had a smooth transition. Although it may have been hard, but it was an overall smooth one. All in all, the High School transition is different for everyone. It can be easy and fun, Or it can be cruel and hard. If there is one piece of advice one can give for this particular subject. It would be to just keep up the fast paced lifestyle that is high
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