The Pros And Cons Of Prisons

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A prison is a structure where people are being held legally for punishment because of the illegal crime(s) they have committed. Recent studies say about 200,000 people end up in jail each year in the United States. Children and teenagers have considered their school as if they were in jail. School can last for about 13 years of one’s childhood, but after all those years it is up to the person if they want to continue after that. Kids and teenagers use prison, as a metaphor, to compare them attending school because of the similarities that they have between the two. Youth of today need to get an understanding what it can really be like in jail and see if their comparison is accurate. When a person goes to prison there is a very little chance…show more content…
When in prison a person is not able to do much but wait till they get out or do what the prison guards want them to do like chores around the prison. An inmate can end up being in prison for years and it may lead to mental problems due to lack of freedom that they have in there. Almost in every prison there are inmates that have mental problems. The Nation’s Health newspaper article journalist Kim Krisberg, had research that around 24 percent of inmates have potential symptoms of psychosis (2006). As stated earlier 200,000 people end up in prison in each year which brings it to around 48,000 prisoners having mental health problems because of being in prison. Students on the other hand get out at the end of the day and get their freedom from being in school for only a few hours each weekday. According to the National Center for Education Statistics website, each state in the United States children at least go to school for 179 days and 6 hours per day a year (2018). A student only has to give up around 1,074 out of 8,760 hours a year to learn in school. An inmate when completing his sentence gives up every hour of their freedom because of their crime(s) they have committed. Give or take, if people had to choose between prison and going to school for a few hours a day, they would end up choosing…show more content…
Comparing both school and prisons, there are some similarities, but there is a huge difference between both. School is a safe place for students to learn and if a person is in a prison, they are most likely with other criminals that have committed a variety of crimes. Attending School will definitely get you somewhere in life and students will get to see their loving family almost every day. As for being in prison, it will take a person’s potential opportunities that may have had before, and they will only get to see their families only a few times per year that they are in there
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