Pros And Cons Of Private Prisons

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Private Prisons: Their Pros and Cons At one time, all prisons were public, but the system has started to make a transition to a new age, where private prisons began to emerge and eventually changed the system as a whole. Private and public prisons are not one in the same. The former are for-profit businesses where, like the latter, convicted criminals are also confined. They are contracted by the government with the aim to alleviate the strain and congestion that is experienced by federal prison systems. In the US, the number of private prisons is continuously increasing at such a rate that it started to raise some eyebrows. What benefits are gained from these institutions and what is being sacrificed? This topic is increasingly causing a controversy and sparking debate among opposite sides. To gain a good perspective about this, let us take a look at the pros and cons associated with private prisons. List of Pros of Private Prisons 1. Lower Cost Probably, the biggest reason why private prisons are put into place is the substantially lower operating costs they can run their systems under. They are capable of buying necessary supplies in bulk and find the best prices, unlike institutions that are run by the government under strict contracts. They can even hire more staff to reduce any overtime costs that may be acquired. Also, the total cost the government pays to private prison companies is lesser than the cost of housing inmates on their own, which means that

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