Pro Immigrants And Pro-Immigration

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Immigration is a subject that matters to everyone who resides legally or illegally in this country. There are two boat that you can either be in: pro-immigration or anti-immigration. Each side has their own ideas, beliefs and assumptions. I addressed three different sources to analyze both arguments, political speech from the president Donald Trump, political cartoons and political ads. The political speech was address by the current president Donald Trump during his pre-campaign which stated “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” ( (referring to Mexican immigrants). The political cartoons focus on the two sides, one of them depicts President Donald Trump as a monster…show more content…
As far of the pro-immigrations argue that the United States was founded by immigrants and that immigration and freedom is what makes the United States a great nation. In addition, immigrants have a huge impact in our economy, like Bernie Sanders stated at the NALEO conference ‘’ It is no great secret that across the United States undocumented workers perform a critical role in our economy.’’ ( Another argument that pro-immigrant have is that people move to this country seeking the American dream, to be able to provide better life and future for their family. In the other hand, the anti-immigrants believe that illegal immigrants hurt our country. For example, many people think that immigrants reduce the job opportunities and wages for the low skilled American citizens. In addition, they conclude that the people that arrive to the US illegally are not the best people from their country. When I read pro-immigrant arguments, I thought that immigrants are really important to this country; in fact, I agreed with Bernie with the idea that immigrant have a positive impact in the American economy; however, after I read the anti-immigration arguments, my thinking on this issue had changed a little bit in this way: immigration help in our economy in the way for consuming goods or services; however, sometimes they can reduce job opportunities for US…show more content…
In fact, an explicit argument of the pro-immigration states that immigrant do the job that the US citizen don’t want to do. Since they are unskilled, they only can work on farms, construction, etc. As a matter of fact, LA Times stated “Wages for crop production in California increased by 13% from 2010 to 2015. However, the raises and new perks have not tempted native-born Americans to leave their day jobs for the fields”. (Natalie Kitroeff) In the other hand, anti-immigrants argue that immigrants brought crime with them. Immigrants are 22 percent of the federal prison population. An implicit argument from the people who support immigrants is a political cartoon were Donald Trump look like a monster and for the anti-people can be a cartoon of the US building the wall. These arguments fall under some fallacies. For example, the argument of how immigrant reduce job and wages opportunities to US citizens falls under the fallacies of pathos (Argument to the People), because this argument is based in the pride of a country and how all the citizens should support and be solidary to their country and their own people. A second example can be the argument that immigrant do the work that citizens don’t want to do and this falls under the fallacies of ethos (poisoning the well) because with this argument they tried to discredit or make less the US citizens to prove their idea or
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