Pros And Cons Of Probation Officers

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I will be covering the best pros and cons that I feel that needs to be argued about probation officers having weapons on them while there on duty active with parolees. A probation officer’s is someone that supervises over people that were convicted of felons or crime. Someone granted a supervised release into the world again instead of prison. Only the judge that grant the charge can determine the eligibility for community supervision. Population is the biggest problem for probation officers having to watch over and control these parolees is dangerous anything could happen. There is controversy surrounding the arming of probation officers because there not police men and women and they don’t want to be this. Probation officers must deal with…show more content…
It makes the parolee free lass comfortable toward with their probation officer knowing that they are armed. When you think of this they are fresh out of prison they don’t want to think that there a reporting to a police officer. If you give their guns that what they become police officers. So, if there are unarmed they are just everyday people and they can feel comfortable with them. This idea really throws you’re through a loop because it’s hard to pick a side. For some people, they can’t decide if there for or against probation officers having weapons. I believe that it is a danger to the public for Probation Officer are not alluded to carry weapons. They protect us from dangerous people that are let out of prison. It is there job to supervise and track the movements and location of the parolees. What happens in the officers is with the parolee and they turn or they start attacking up the only thing they can do is sit and wait for police to arrive. I don’t see how we can stand for something for that. These men and women protect us from dangerous people fresh out of prison and they do it unarmed and unprotected and that takes guts I feel that it would make me and the officers feel safer dealing with these people
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