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Progressive Yoga By Scott Sonnon - Our Complete Review
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Below you will find our complete review of the Progressive Yoga system by Scott Sonnon.

As always, we will start with an overview of the Progressive Yoga program, continue with explanations about its main pros and cons, and in the last sentences summarize everything which we feel will help you decide if Scott Sonnon 's system is really the right choice for you.

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Progressive Yoga
In simple words, “Progressive Yoga” is designed to be a yoga program for people who aren’t into traditional yoga. This program was created by Scott Sonnon, a renowned trainer and adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University.

Scott Sonnon says
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There’s no extra unnecessary stuff, so if you’re interested in doing yoga purely as an exercise routine to help with flexibility, strength, and stress, this is a great option.

Go At Your Own Pace

At typical yoga classes you may find yourself struggling to keep up with an instructor or bored out of your mind as the class does repetitive breathing exercises and stays in one pose forever.
Because Progressive Yoga is a program you can use at home, you can go at your own pace when following it.

In simple words, the Progressive Yoga program allows you to move on when you’re ready and perform the poses you’re capable of at your speed.
Full Money-Back Guarantee
Progressive Yoga comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means once you purchase the program, you’ll have two full months to try it out and decide if it’s right for you.

We believe that this is plenty of time to really get into the program and make an honest judgment about its value…

The Con’s

Not A Lot Of Workouts To Choose From
There are surprisingly few workouts to choose from with the Progressive Yoga system. The five manuals and video guides are fine, but the program would be much more varied and could keep users interested longer with more workouts.
Only Available
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You’ll have to download a digital copy to your computer and access the program through one of your devices...
Progressive Yoga offers a really cool approach to yoga. For people who are already into fitness, or people who are just interested in the fitness benefits of yoga and not the spiritual side, Progressive Yoga is a great program.

While you don’t get a lot of different workouts with the program, the workouts that are included are challenging and dynamic. In addition, the fact that this system was created by someone who really knows fitness (and that the workouts are, therefore, based on what’s proven to work) makes us like the program even more.
Overall, we will definitely recommend giving the Progressive Yoga system a risk-free try for several weeks and see if you like it or not. After all, you have nothing to lose here, especially with the special launch price that Scott Sonnon offered for the complete package when we last checked its official site…

Well, that’s it friends. We hope that our review was useful for you. If you have any question about the Progressive Yoga system, don’t hesitate to contact us…
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