Pros And Cons Of Prostitution And Pornography

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I always believed that prostitution and pornography were made by women because a lot of countries are liberal and it is okay to perform such acts. I had a lot of questions before as to why they came across these jobs and why they are interested in being affiliated to it. The reading materials and the opinions from the debate opened my eyes to see beyond what the media usually reports. Prostitution and pornography vary in form and in structure. However, I believe that the consumers and the clients share the same kind of interest that is why the two are often related. The consumers/clients, the majority of which are men, are interested to engage themselves in these things because they know that there are women prostitutes that they can pay any time to have sexual intercourse for the sake of their own…show more content…
Although women can gain enough money from these fields, I think that it does not give them the self-fulfillment that they truly deserve. First, pornography objectifies women by making male viewers feel that they have all the power and the pleasure whenever they watch them. Pornography promotes male domination for it wants the viewers to feel the sexual gratification that they do not have at the moment. Of course, we do not have any idea if women are satisfied that they are only viewed as sexual objects in pornography. Women are degraded in pornography because they perform such acts for the viewers, the majority of which are men, but they do may not receive the kind of self-fulfillment that one usually feels in a job. Pornography fails to capture what’s truly inside of a woman for it only sees women as people that can elicit sexual desires. In addition, it promotes gender bias because men are seen here as spoiled brats who can enjoy watching such things at any time. However, the right of women to express emotions is tampered in exchange for the satisfaction that they give to other

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